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Drop the Baggage at the Door

Do you ever wonder why you are not attracting that A level sales position? If you are a hiring manager, do you wonder why you’re having trouble attracting that A level talent to your open position? In many situations, you are simply bringing past baggage with you into the process. Are you a software sales person who has been sold a bill of goods when offered a position in the past?  Maybe you were told that the product was rock solid, the company had many

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Building Great Sales Teams – Concept vs Execution

All of our clients want great sales teams, but many have mediocre sales people and marginal sales leaders. The concept of a great sales team is composed of two simple elements: Hire great sales people and hire a great sales leader to manage them. But like most concepts that appear simple, most are very difficult and often take years to master. Golf, in concept is easy – hit the ball in the fairway, chip is on the green and putt the ball in the hole.

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2016 Enterprise Software Compensation Report

The growth rate of sales roles throughout the US has escalated over the months and not looking to slow down anytime soon. This is creating ripples of changes for recruitment processes, onboarding, talent management and especially compensation packages. Salaries are set to increase by double-digits throughout 2016 and ensuring a competitive compensation can have a significant impact on revenue goal. Hammer Consulting’s 2016 Enterprise Software Compensation Report: *these numbers do not include non-recoverable draws, equity, RSU’s and/or car allowance Of course, there are exceptions to these position

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You can’t always get what you want.

This thought occurred to me while my wife and I were at the Rolling Stone concert last month. We  frequently hear the following from hiring mangers: “We want an A player – 15 years software sales experience, stable job history, hunter mentality, avg w2’s of 275k, great presentational skills and commands the room.”  Everybody wants an A player, but few companies do an honest assessment to determine if their opportunity and company are an A level. In this market, it takes an A level company

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Silence is Golden

One critical mistake that costs you a 2nd interview We all know that one of the most critical and important parts of the sales process is simply listening to your customer. When you’re not speaking, your customer will often reveal a wealth of information that in many cases is the stepping stone to a large deal. Listening is also one of the most integral parts of the interview process, and one of the most common mistakes people make when interviewing. Not listening during the sales process

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Keep your Eye on your Prize

We are not referring to the old folk song/and or saying, but to companies not paying attention to their most important asset – their sales talent. I’ve encountered two situations in the past month where executives’ at large software companies were clearly following the guidance of Wall Street and not focusing on retaining their sales talent. One particular company missed their earnings and revenue target predicted by Wall Street. As a result, put many of their open sales positions on hold, and forbid the use

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