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Lipstick on a Pig

I have found that asking the right questions and focusing on the most important attributes to any opportunity has become increasingly important in the highly active tech job market. It seems that every software company has open Account Executive and Sales Engineering positions, and all of these companies are trying to fish from the same pond of technology sales talent. The number of fish in this pond is shrinking every year, and many of the people fishing for these elusive and highly talented sales individuals

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2015 Software Industry Crystal Ball

November 2011 For every acquisition by large software companies, five new software companies are being created by employees of the acquired. They are the incubators of new and cutting edge technology (Big Data, Security, Mobile etc).  It is much easier for larger companies to come and buy success and a piece of the market, than risk the burden of failure and using their research dollars on non-core technologies.  The problem is, they continue to focus their marketing and sales dollars on their core technologies.  Our

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Discipline is the Key to Success

What is the one trait that almost all great technology sales reps exhibit?  It’s not people skills, not brains, not presentation ability, it is discipline.  Every sales person knows what it takes to make or exceed their quota number, but few have the discipline to do those activities.  There is a famous quote that I like and it goes something like this: “In order to have the things you want, you must do the thing others won’t do.” When most won’t take the time to

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2015 Annual Compensation Report

This report received a very strong response when we sent this last year, so we are pleased to provide the revised 2015 annual compensation report.  Last year was an extremely high growth year for the tech market and all signs are pointing to an even better year for 2015.  The small companies that received funding in 2012 – 2013 are now large enough to hire senior AE’s and SE’s in most major markets in the US.             Position    

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The recruiter who cried “great opportunity”

I’ve been in the recruiting industry a long time – 23 years and counting. In those 23 years, numerous changes and trends have occurred. Some have been very beneficial and some very detrimental. Social media has undeniably had a large impact, and for the most part it has been very positive. But we are beginning to see an interesting trend develop, one that I predicted a couple of years ago. One of the most popular social media sites used by technology professionals and recruiters is

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Six reasons your sales teams are under performing.

1.  Your hiring managers are relying too heavily on their “buddy” network. Just because Mike blew his numbers out in 1999 selling ERP software doesn’t mean he’s a top performer in today’s market. 2.  The CEO/founder has only an engineering background and has a direct influence on your sales organization. 3.  Your hiring process involves an unnecessary number of individuals. Imagine, when dating your spouse, you had all of your family members interview your fiancé and provide their opinion on whether or not you should marry

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