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Timing is Everything.

We’ve all heard the saying “timing is everything” and it has never been more appropriate then in the recruiting world. Whatever level you’re at in your career, taking advantage of a strong job market  will be one of the most important factors in your success.   Whether you’re in a start-up looking for some more stability in a large company, or if you’re feeling stifled in a large company and really want to try the equity route in a start-up, the opportunities are out there. .

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Want to hire talent in 2014 – put a ring on that finger!

As I’ve written in the past, the interviewing and hiring process is very similar to the dating ritual we humans partake in prior to getting married. We find a suitable mate, go on a series of dates, get engaged and then eventually get married. The dating ritual is a very fickle and tricky endeavor. If you’re too picky, you risk never finding a mate, if you take too long to propose you risk losing your mate to somebody else. During the height of the latest

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Take the TRIMED Approach When Selecting Your Next Opportunity

We typically run this article every 18months or so and it has never been more relevant. This is the most active we’ve seen the technology job marketplace since the late 90’s. As a result, many of you are seeing more opportunities come your way. When looking at multiple opportunities – take the TRIMED approach to weed out the poor choices and select the right opportunity for you. Yes, I know it’s corny – but it works!   Technology – Selling unique and exciting solutions is

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Proactive Recruiting for 2014

September marks one of the busiest times of the year for hiring. Every year there is a post-Labor Day boom in activity and we continue to see strong hiring activity in the technology sector. As a matter of fact, some of you have heard me say this is the strongest market for software sales people in the past 10 years. Everyone wants to hire “yesterday” and since they are all coming to the pond at the same time, they are all chasing the same fish.

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Is the Technology Important?

Recently, I was asked by an individual we were trying to recruit, “What are the key differentiators in your client’s products versus the products of my current employer?”  This is a very good question, but I was surprised that this individual did not ask a single question about the position itself.  This, to me, is like marrying someone for their looks alone without knowing anything about their personality, integrity, values, family, etc.  Obviously it is extremely important to have some understanding of the value, product

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Jump start your W2 and get out the rut.

Spring is finally here, and like the temperature the technology marketplace is heating up.  It’s a very active market- many of you have heard me say that this is the most activity I’ve seen since the late 90’s. It’s not nearly that chaotic, but at least this market is based on reality not on the Y2K hoax and the Internet bubble. For those of you that accepted positions in the 09 – 2011 time frame, it may be time for you to start updating that

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