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Industrial Revitalization

In an interview with the Journal’s Jason Zweig, van Agtmael says the country is just embarking on an industrial revitalization. Here are five reasons why van Agtmael thinks the U.S. is the next great emerging market, according to Zweig: (1) The U.S. is competing with China. Van Agtmael said that when he visited China last year, one executive complained about the competition from America. Part of the reason the U.S. is suddenly competitive is because labor costs in China have risen about 15% annually. And

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Top 20 States Vital to a Company’s Growth

  I publish this information every year because it continually surprises me when managers, VP’s and CEO’s of enterprise software companies don’t have a better understanding of what states contain the majority of Fortune 500 companies in this country. It is also surprising because this is typically how a software companies establish sales territories for their sales teams. Since the bulk of enterprise software/technology is sold to Fortune 1000 and 500 accounts it’s extremely important information to use to calculate how many account executives should

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2012 Software Industry Average Compensation Report.

We’ve done this in past years and it’s proven to be a very effective way to plan for your 2013 hiring strategy. A list of what we’ve found of technology industry average per position:  (1)   Enterprise Software Account Executive. 10+ years of sales experience- typically a “geo” or regional type position. Some existing customers and run rate, but a large amount of new logo type selling. Base 105-115 with an OTE of 210-230k (2)   Named Account Enterprise Account Executive. 15 +yrs sales experience – at least

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End of Quarter – One Last Deal!

It’s that time of year again; football season and end of quarter. For most of you, it means trying to get those stubborn customers to sign on the bottom line. We came across an article recently in Inc magazine written by Tom Searcy that may give you some ideas and strategy needed to close that one deal that enables you to make your quota: “In football, the area from 20 yards out to the goal line is referred to as “the red zone.” Play in

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Ready. Set. Hire!

September marks one of the busiest times of the year for hiring. Every year there is a post-Labor Day boom in activity and we continue to see strong hiring activity in our sector which indicates this year will be the same. Everyone wants to hire “yesterday” and, since they are all coming to the pond at the same time, they are all chasing the same fish. And as indicated in the previous article, there are less and less fish in that pond. Like any good

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Why Minneapolis?

SalesForce.com Inc. CEO Marc Benioff recently offered a response to a question about why the software giant isn’t expanding into more emerging markets overseas. In a Feb. 23 earnings call, Benioff said he sees more opportunities in smaller U.S. markets than he does in regions abroad. He highlighted Minneapolis in the response — even going so far as to call the city an “emerging country.” From the call: “You know, I get questions all the time from our board, … ‘what are you doing about

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