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Good News!

(1) A survey of the mid-America region by Creighton University saw its index jump from 50.0 in December, 2011 to 55.9 in January, 2012, the largest monthly gain since Oct. 2009. A reading above 50.0 indicates growth…   (2) Ford Motor Co., with a more than 200 percent increase in net income for 2011, reported its strongest year in a decade as American automakers continue to recover from the tailspin of 2008 and 2009.   3) In February, the DOW had its best closing level

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Economic Turnaround and Good News!

As we head into fall of 2009, I have been asked a numerous times, “Kent do you see or sense a turnaround in the job market?” The fall is typically a very busy time for companies adding sales talent in order to ramp up their sales force to drive revenue for 2010. Although I have yet to see an actual turnaround, we are sensing a change in client attitudes and in the market overall. As stated above in a “few good things,” the amount and

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