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Keep your Eye on your Prize

We are not referring to the old folk song/and or saying, but to companies not paying attention to their most important asset – their sales talent. I’ve encountered two situations in the past month where executives’ at large software companies were clearly following the guidance of Wall Street and not focusing on retaining their sales talent. One particular company missed their earnings and revenue target predicted by Wall Street. As a result, put many of their open sales positions on hold, and forbid the use

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Drop the Baggage at the Door

Do you ever wonder why you are not attracting that A level sales position? If you are a hiring manager, do you wonder why you can’t attract that A level talent to your open position? In many situations, you are simply bringing past baggage with you into the process. Are you a software sales person who has been sold a bill of goods when offered a position in the past?  Maybe you were told that the product was rock solid, had many reference-able customers, everybody

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Take the TIMED Approach When Selecting Your Next Opportunity

The technology landscape and corresponding job market have improved a great deal in the past 9 months. We are even seeing a dramatic rise in the use of the acronym “IPO,” in opportunities we are working on. If I brought an IPO possibility in a recruiting call 12 months ago most candidates laughed, not the case it today’s market.   This brings us tour principal topic this month: When looking at multiple opportunities – how do choose the right job or you? (1) Technology – Selling

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Attract Versus Repel

Interviewing is perishable skill. While a sales professional’s obvious “intent” is to make a great first impression on the interviewer with their sales skills, often the opposite happens. Instead of attracting, they often repel with their actions. As we have said before, the sole objective in the first interview is to secure the second interview. As the adage goes, you have one chance to make a first impression. Now, let’s take it a step further. We all know how small and highly networked a world it

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