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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Discipline is the Key to Success

What’s the one trait that almost all great technology sales reps exhibit? It’s not people skills, not brains, not presentation ability, it is discipline. Every sales person knows what it takes to make or exceed their quota number, but few have the discipline to do so. There is a famous quote that I like – it goes something like this: “In order to have the things you want, you must do the things others won’t do.” When most won’t take the time to plan, make

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Cold Calling Tip from a Sandler Black Belt

I was working with a long-time client and very senior sales executive who has ended up back in the trenches making cold calls to get another company off the ground. He’s a sales turn-around guru, so he’s done it several times. In setting up the cold call script he had a light bulb I thought I’d share with you. He said, “A good cold call question is one that is crafted so that the mere question indicates an inside knowledge of their (the buyer’s) world

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Timing is Everything

As we enter the fall of 2009, we’re beginning to see signs of economic recovery, which, though small, are clear indications that the recession is lifting.  Companies in the United States will respond in different ways to these signs. Some will be proactive, and start to hire sales people before they actually see revenue growth; others will be reactive – waiting until they see very specific revenue growth numbers on their bottom lines. The companies that are proactive (especially software and technology companies) will achieve

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The End of the Sales Funnel?

The End Of The Sales Funnel? By Dick Davies For more than 40 years, the Sales Funnel has been the dominant model to chart how a prospect transforms into a customer. Originally a measure of what information had been released to a prospect by a sales person, the Funnel has been tweeked to predict sales volume, timing, required size of initial prospect class, and closing ratios. It is the Swiss army knife of sales management. Today citizens have other sources of information about you. They

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Economic Turnaround and Good News!

As we head into fall of 2009, I have been asked a numerous times, “Kent do you see or sense a turnaround in the job market?” The fall is typically a very busy time for companies adding sales talent in order to ramp up their sales force to drive revenue for 2010. Although I have yet to see an actual turnaround, we are sensing a change in client attitudes and in the market overall. As stated above in a “few good things,” the amount and

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