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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Good News!

(1) A survey of the mid-America region by Creighton University saw its index jump from 50.0 in December, 2011 to 55.9 in January, 2012, the largest monthly gain since Oct. 2009. A reading above 50.0 indicates growth…   (2) Ford Motor Co., with a more than 200 percent increase in net income for 2011, reported its strongest year in a decade as American automakers continue to recover from the tailspin of 2008 and 2009.   3) In February, the DOW had its best closing level

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Software Industry Crystal Ball

There is no doubt that some software sectors have matured. As a result, the acquisition frenzy of 2006 – 2009 has slowed down, which has led to a few giant software companies dominating certain niches. Most took this trend and extended it across the broad spectrum of software and predicted that “there will eventually only be 4 software companies.” If I had 20 dollars for every time I heard that back in 2009 – 2010, I’d be playing golf on an island and not writing

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Qualify. Qualify. Qualify.

These are the most important words taught in recruiting and are an important function in any kinds of sales position. They become incredibly important in an economy that is in recovery mode. There is nothing worse than spending valuable time with a client who has no intention of buying your product and service, while your competitor (who qualified them properly) closed 2 deals with other prospects in your territory. We have done surveys with various sales leaders regarding common traits of their best producing reps.

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