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Monthly Archives: April 2012


Why Minneapolis?

SalesForce.com Inc. CEO Marc Benioff recently offered a response to a question about why the software giant isn’t expanding into more emerging markets overseas. In a Feb. 23 earnings call, Benioff said he sees more opportunities in smaller U.S. markets than he does in regions abroad. He highlighted Minneapolis in the response — even going so far as to call the city an “emerging country.” From the call: “You know, I get questions all the time from our board, … ‘what are you doing about

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Take the TIMED Approach When Selecting Your Next Opportunity

The technology landscape and corresponding job market have improved a great deal in the past 9 months. We are even seeing a dramatic rise in the use of the acronym “IPO,” in opportunities we are working on. If I brought an IPO possibility in a recruiting call 12 months ago most candidates laughed, not the case it today’s market.   This brings us tour principal topic this month: When looking at multiple opportunities – how do choose the right job or you? (1) Technology – Selling

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