Cold Calling Tip from a Sandler Black Belt

I was working with a long-time client and very senior sales executive who has ended up back in the trenches making cold calls to get another company off the ground. He’s a sales turn-around guru, so he’s done it several times. In setting up the cold call script he had a light bulb I thought I’d share with you.

He said, “A good cold call question is one that is crafted so that the mere question indicates an inside knowledge of their (the buyer’s) world and lends instant credibility to the call.”

Point number 2 is that whatever you come up with in the initial ‘script’ – it will never be as good as what you end up with after making a lot of calls, the way we suggest, and then plowing that information back in to the ‘script’ to make it better.

Finally, as always happens – he found a way to use the humorous approach we suggest (sales call – do you want to hang up?) which he initially hated. It worked even when his pain probes didn’t. In other words, people laughed and even if they weren’t prospects for his services, they would in the end try to help him by referring him to others who might be interested. He is getting sincere referrals form cold calls. Of course, those people he is referred to tend to be very good prospects because (1) he was referred to them by an associate and (2) because of the simple principle of six degrees of separation.

Good Selling!

Steve Kraner
Sandler Sales Institute

Steve brings his dynamic leadership skills, honed by his training at West Point and experience as a paratroop commander and entrepreneur. A risk taker with a track record of successes and a taste for breaking new ground, Steve can walk the talk and sales teams buy in to his innovative approach to selling. He is a nationally published author on the topic of sales, sales management and negotiating.