Take the TIMED Approach When Selecting Your Next Opportunity

The technology landscape and corresponding job market have improved a great deal in the past 9 months. We are even seeing a dramatic rise in the use of the acronym “IPO,” in opportunities we are working on. If I brought an IPO possibility in a recruiting call 12 months ago most candidates laughed, not the case it today’s market.   This brings us tour principal topic this month: When looking at multiple opportunities – how do choose the right job or you?

(1) Technology – Selling a unique solution is extremely important but  just remember: great technology with poor leadership will be trumped by good technology with great leadership every time. History consistently repeats itself here.

(2) Income– Most are mesmerized by this one, but should really be more focused on the other four components. Without strength in those four, that base of 130K and OTE of 300K will translate into a W2 of around 150K. After fourteen months, you will not have achieved your unrealistic quota and be back out on the street looking for a new position. Adding insult to injury, you will have to explain why you didn’t hit your numbers during your interviews and won’t have money in the bank to cushion a transition in selecting the right next job.

(3) Management – Choose a great manager who can be a mentor and actually helps you become better than you ever thought you could be. We cannot emphasize this enough! This will be the #1 reason you have the chance to exceed your number and grow as a sales rep/sales engineer/sales manager.

(4) Executive Leadership – Your great manager, exceptional sales skills and great technology are going nowhere if the captain of your ship is clueless. I.E. thinks sales people are a necessary evil, are cheap and their growth strategy consists of making more phone calls.

(5) Details – Are you the 4th rep in the territory in the past 4 years and the previous 4 did not make their number? Does your future manager have sales management experience? Does it take more than 10 minutes to decipher your commission plan? The devil is in the details.