Timing is Everything.

We’ve all heard the saying “timing is everything” and it has never been more appropriate then in the recruiting world. Whatever level you’re at in your career, taking advantage of a strong job market  will be one of the most important factors in your success.


Whether you’re in a start-up looking for some more stability in a large company, or if you’re feeling stifled in a large company and really want to try the equity route in a start-up, the opportunities are out there. . Like many of you have heard me say, the perfect job is never a static thing, it changes many times in your career depending where you are in your life.


Two years ago many of these opportunities were not available, and they may not be in 2 years – one never knows.  The point is, if you have any interest in pursuing a new opportunity, the time is now. We have not seen this many opportunities in the market since the late 90’s and typically early fall is when most employers are looking to add sales talent.


Even if you have not thought about making a move, it never hurts to at least have a discussion. Please take a moment to review our current openings. Also, as a reminder we do pay a $500 referral fee if you refer somebody that you can personally recommend for one of our open positions.  Please click on the link to see our current openings.