2016 Enterprise Software Compensation Report

The growth rate of sales roles throughout the US has escalated over the months and not looking to slow down anytime soon. This is creating ripples of changes for recruitment processes, onboarding, talent management and especially compensation packages. Salaries are set to increase by double-digits throughout 2016 and ensuring a competitive compensation can have a significant impact on revenue goal.

Hammer Consulting’s 2016 Enterprise Software Compensation Report:

Salary Guide Pic

*these numbers do not include non-recoverable draws, equity, RSU’s and/or car allowance

Of course, there are exceptions to these position numbers. Global account managers, for example, may command a base closer to 165k.

Those of you contemplating moves in the near future, please remember another axiom you have often heard me say. The compensation numbers are the least important piece of the offer (discounting low ball offers). If you’re comparing two offers and one is a base of 125/250k with a realistic quota, solid products, great territory, a great manager, and other AE’s are exceeding their numbers – you have an excellent chance to make well over 300k.   Offer number two is a 150/320k. Very compelling numbers, but as they say, “the devil is in the details.”

If the quota is way above market average (I call those dart board quotas), and nobody is achieving quota, chances are you will w2 around 170k. You’ll most likely survive about 9 months, close a couple of small deals and then get let go when you are only 40% of your high unrealistic quota number. If you’re able to land an offer that is 150/320k with the attributes of the first offer, congratulations!