Building Great Sales Teams – Concept vs Execution

All of our clients want great sales teams, but many have mediocre sales people and marginal sales leaders. The concept of a great sales team is composed of two simple elements: Hire great sales people and hire a great sales leader to manage them.

But like most concepts that appear simple, most are very difficult and often take years to master. Golf, in concept is easy – hit the ball in the fairway, chip is on the green and putt the ball in the hole. For those of you that play golf, those items rarely occur in that exact sequence. Many players do not put in the time to improve, don’t take lessons from a teaching professional, and are not honest about the problems with their game to properly address them.

The clients that we work with that think building great sales teams is simple often have underperforming sales teams, high turnover and very poor sale leadership. And like most struggling golfers, fail to take action to improve and fail to take an honest look at their hiring process.

If they do happen to get lucky and land a talented sales rep, the rep typically leaves or gets recruited away (A level AE’s are getting approached by 10-15 opportunities daily), and the company fails to make the proper changes. As a result, the problem happens over and over again.

If they bring in a talented sales leader, but fail to give this person the proper tools to attract and recruit top sales talent and fail to address their hiring process – their talented sales leader often leaves the company, often times to a competitor.

Attracting, recruiting, hiring and retaining your sales talent are the most important components to making a highly successful company. A very simple concept that many companies fail to execute because somebody convinced them it was easy.