Drop the Baggage at the Door

Do you ever wonder why you are not attracting that A level sales position?

If you are a hiring manager, do you wonder why you’re having trouble attracting that A level talent to your open position? In many situations, you are simply bringing past baggage with you into the process.

Are you a software sales person who has been sold a bill of goods when offered a position in the past?  Maybe you were told that the product was rock solid, the company had many reference-able customers, everybody was making their number, etc. In reality, the product did not work as promised, there were two angry customers and the only AE that made their number, closed the two angry customers.  Some people will hang on to this and let this define them.  They will let it dictate their future by never allowing themselves to take a chance again on a high growth opportunity.  They continue to carry the baggage with them from the past situation. Because of this, they often have a poor attitude in the interview process and have a very myopic view of what a “good” opportunity is. This usually results in interviewing poorly or simply passing on most attractive high growth opportunities that always carry some element of risk.

So, after, months of not making it past the first interview and passing on growth positions, they accept anything they are offered and continue to carry their past baggage with them and allow it to weigh them down.

The same thing applies to hiring managers. They hire what they think is the perfect hire, but they don’t come close to achieving their quota and are a management nightmare. They may have had personal problems, or simply did not want to work.  As a result, some hiring managers fall into the trap of comparing every new candidate they interview to the bad hire in the past, even if they have even the slightest similarity in their background.  They make the mistake of carrying their past baggage with them into the current hiring process. This usually results in never “pulling” a candidate through interview process and only “pushing” them. They immediately dismiss the A level candidate because, just like the bad hire, they worked at ACME software in 2003.

Like many situations in life, it is impossible to get through the doors of opportunity if you’re carrying an armful of baggage. Drop the baggage and the doors will open.