Take the TRIMED Approach When Selecting Your Next Opportunity

We typically run this article every 18months or so and it has never been more relevant. This is the most active we’ve seen the technology job marketplace since the late 90’s. As a result, many of you are seeing more opportunities come your way. When looking at multiple opportunities – take the TRIMED approach to weed out the poor choices and select the right opportunity for you. Yes, I know it’s corny – but it works!


  1. Technology – Selling unique and exciting solutions is very important, but if there is not a market for it, it doesn’t matter what it does. Focus on who’s buying the product and what the saturation point is.
  2. Recruiter – whether it’s an outside recruiter or an internal, we’re hearing about more and more recruiters that have no idea how to distinguish a good opportunity from a poor one. If they sound like they’re reading verbatim from a job description, have no relationship with the hiring manger, and have few answers to your questions – what does that tell you about the value this potential employer places on their sales talent?
  3. Income/Comp pkg– Most get mesmerized by this one. You’ve got 2 opportunities – one is a 120/240 and the other is a 130/300 OTE. Wow, a 300k OTE! Ask yourself why they have to pay higher than the industry norm, and how many of the reps actually make OTE? Focus on what the current reps are making, what the quota is, are there accelerators, territory etc. Without the strength of the other components that are mentioned, that 300k will translate into a w2 of 150k and you’ll be on the street looking for a new position. Adding insult to injury, you’ll have to explain why you didn’t achieve that massive quota in your next interview.
  4. Management – Choose a great manager who can be a mentor and make you become a better salesperson that you ever thought you could be.
  5. Executive leadership – the great sales manager, your exceptional sales skills and great technology are going nowhere if the captain of your ship is clueless.
  6. Details – Are the 4th rep in the territory in the past 4 years and the previous 4 were nowhere close to making quota? The devil is in the details.