Let the Games Begin!

August/September marks one of the busiest times of the year for hiring.  Every year there is a post summer boom in activity. We continue to see the most active market since the late 90’s which indicates this year will be the same.  Everyone wants to hire “yesterday” and, since they are all coming to the pond at the same time, they are all chasing the same fish. By beginning your talent acquisition efforts for the Fall BEFORE the Fall, you can set the conditions for getting your A player.  A few more things to consider, when planning to execute your team adds in August/September:

Being Proactive Versus Reactive:  On average, it takes twenty business days to find four “A” level candidates in a search.  So, begin filling your pipeline now.  This way, when your hire is approved you have the candidate selected and you can pull the trigger.  Otherwise, you risk on-boarding in mid to late October, which means they will ramp up into November and it won’t be until  deep into 2015 until you see solid pipeline activity.

Pursue the Passive Candidates:  For every job seeker, there is a “push” and a “pull.”  For active candidates (those responding to ads, posted on job boards, in company HR databases), they have already determined their “pull” (i.e. why they are leaving their company).  With a passive candidate, the “push” is the “pull.”  Many of you reading have experienced this: You were not looking, but a great opportunity came down the pike and you moved on it.  Which sounds like the better candidate to pursue?  In our searches, we focus on the passive candidate.  Just like many sales leaders develop good working relationships with top search firms, many “A” level sales professionals ask us to keep an eye open for interesting opportunities.

If you’re a hiring manager and looking to add talent, the time is now as well. If you begin your search in August you’ll beat all of your competitors and hundreds of other companies that will start their search in Sept to get talent aboard and contributing in 2015. Just a reminder – we’re more than Minneapolis recruiting experts. We recruit A level sales and SE talent in almost every market in the US. We placed candidates in NYC, Atlanta, Houston, So Cal, No Cal, Omaha, Columbus and Chicago in the last 24 months.