2015 Annual Compensation Report

This report received a very strong response when we sent this last year, so we are pleased to provide the revised 2015 annual compensation report.  Last year was an extremely high growth year for the tech market and all signs are pointing to an even better year for 2015.  The small companies that received funding in 2012 – 2013 are now large enough to hire senior AE’s and SE’s in most major markets in the US.

            Position           High         Average           Low
         VP NA Sales        300/500         250/450        225/400
      Director of Sales        225/400         200/375        175/340
               RVP        200/375         175/340        160/300
        DSM (4 – 6 AE’s)        175/300         160/275        140/250
       Sr enterprise AE        145/290         120/240        100/200
          Sr level SE        160/210         140/180        120/150
         Mid-level AE         90/180           75/150          60/120
      Inside Sales Rep          65/100           50/80          40/70
   Lead generation – Jr inside rep          45/60           35/50          24/40


Of course, there are exceptions to these position numbers.  Global account managers, for example, may command a base closer to 160k. Also, keep in mind the numbers in the report do not include draws and/or car allowances.  For those of you contemplating moves in the near future, please remember another axiom you have often heard me say.

The compensation numbers are the least important piece of the offer (discounting low ball offers).  If you are comparing two offers and one is a base of 115/230 with a realistic quota, solid products, great territory, a great manager, and other reps in the company have a history of over achieving quota,  chances are you have a realistic chance of W2ing well over 300k.  Let’s say the other offer is 140/310, very compelling numbers, but as they say, the devil is in the details. After asking some questions, you find that the quota was derived by the CEO throwing a dart at a group of numbers chosen by the CFO, and nobody has made quota. You will most likely survive about 9 months, close a couple of small deals, get caught up in a mysterious RIF along with the other AE’s for not making their unattainable number, and w2 about 170k for the year. If you’re able to land an offer that is 145/290 with the attributes of the first offer I mentioned, congratulations!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hammer Consulting. Please see our careers section of our website if you are open to a better opportunity in 2015.