Discipline is the Key to Success

What is the one trait that almost all great technology sales reps exhibit?  It’s not people skills, not brains, not presentation ability, it is discipline.  Every sales person knows what it takes to make or exceed their quota number, but few have the discipline to do those activities.  There is a famous quote that I like and it goes something like this:

“In order to have the things you want, you must do the thing others won’t do.”

When most won’t take the time to plan, make those extra calls, do the extra product or solutions sales training, and take care of their bodies, there are a select few who will make those things a priority in their day.  This is often the difference between missing your quota by 20% versus exceeding it by 20%.

So how does a person become more disciplined?  Try this: Pick out an area in your career in which you have had weak discipline in the past.  Set a goal relating to this area – try it for 30 days.  During that trial period, keep a journal and each time you fail to meet your goal write down what activity or activities took a higher priority.  From this you will realize that failing to meet your goal, regardless of what they are, is often a choice.  This is because you chose something else as a higher priority.  If you fail, many times you choose to fail – simple as that.