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Referral Bonus Program

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HAMMER Consulting, America’s most trusted and reliable enterprise software recruitment firm has developed a referral bonus program in order to tap into the recruiting power of our very best candidates and industry contacts. We always have a number of open positions throughout North America, and would like to reward you for assisting us in finding talented people for these prosperous career opportunities.


Our referral program will award anyone who recommends a potential candidate to HAMMER Consulting to be considered for any of our current positions or positions we may have open in the future, with a one-time bonus of $500. The referral bonus would be paid out upon the candidate’s successful placement with one of our clients.


Program Process:

  1. Recommend – You don’t need to give us any assurances or verify if this candidate is actively seeking a job, and you are not responsible in any way for this candidate accepting a position. Feel free to recommend any enterprise software professionals from your list of contacts, friends, professional network, etc.


Ideal candidates could be:

– Someone you know personally

– Someone you are impressed with in the software world

– Acquaintance with a good reputation

– Someone who is stuck in their current position

– Someone looking to advance and improve in their career


  1. Know the results – We will inform you whether your recommendation has or has not been accepted. Please note that a submission may be rejected due to the following criteria:


– If the referral is already in our database

– If  your referral was previously referred to us

– If  your referral is not a good fit due to lack of industry experience or  qualifications


  1. Get paid– After the candidate successfully goes through the interview process, accepts a position, starts the new role, and makes it past our guarantee period, the bonus will be sent for the referral.


Please note: Your information is required so that we can properly reward you for your referral submissions. Thank you for providing your complete information.

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